Raptr 1.5

A social networking program targeted towards video game players
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No longer supported by the developer

Raptr is a social networking tool designed to replace and enhance the lack of communication tools in many games. The program interconnects game friends effectively and with detailed information on who is playing what and when. It supports AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Raptr is an instant-messenger client for gamers that works across multiple platforms. With the IM client found on the interface, it’s easier for gamers to keep in touch with their friends and see what they’re playing.

Raptr connects users to all their friends in the game in all different social networks and gives status updates on what is being played, the ability to join in, and even if in a game users can still use Raptr to communicate with people in and outside of that game.

When gamers install Raptr’s software, they can keep a client running in the background that looks like a Facebook application. Import friends from Xbox Live, Facebook, Xfire, and other friend networks, and then click on the friend to review all of their achievements in various games.

With the program users can see different gamer’s tastes, read reviews, and buy the game outright via Amazon.com. In addition, anyone can join a friend in a current multiplayer match.

On the downside, Nintendo and Sony don’t provide updates to Raptr, so even if users add their Play Station Network and Wii accounts the updates have to be done manually. Other issues are that it doesn’t display correctly contact from other networks like facebook, xFire, MSN, etc.

Max Santillana
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  • Syncs gaming activity in real-time across Xbox 360, PC, & Mac
  • Displays what is being played and as well as achievements/trophies


  • Lacks iPod, iPhone,PS3 and Nintendo automatic game update
  • Doesn't display contact info correctly
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